Lazzaro Felice: an examination through dialogue, part 2

The following is a continuation from part 1 of a dialogue between poets John Wall Barger and Vasiliki Katsarou on Alice Rohrwacher's Lazzaro Felice. JWB: What a fabulous passage by Rohrwacher. The “signs of many different eras” certainly sounds like an evocation of the contrasting rustic and urban settings of Lazzaro Felice. And yes, Teorama!… Continue reading Lazzaro Felice: an examination through dialogue, part 2

Trouble Every Day: sex, violence, malaise

Film auteur Claire Denis may be most famous and well-lauded for 1999’s Beau Travail, among the many of her crowning achievements, but opinions of her divide over a work such as 2001’s Trouble Every Day. Defying genre, Trouble Every Day is, at its baseline, a surreal, erotic, and gruesome study into sexual tension, scoptophilia, and… Continue reading Trouble Every Day: sex, violence, malaise