Lazzaro Felice: an examination through dialogue, part 1

The following is a dialogue of two poets on Alice Rohrwacher's 2018 film Lazzaro Felice (English title: Happy as Lazzaro). Part 2 is here. John Wall Barger’s poems appear in American Poetry Review, Rattle, The Awl, The Cincinnati Review, Poetry Ireland Review, and Best of the Best Canadian Poetry. His poem, “Smog Mother,” was co-winner… Continue reading Lazzaro Felice: an examination through dialogue, part 1

Journey to Italy, reflections

From the first scene, a banal drive across a beautiful Italian landscape, the attitudes are already set. You see Katherine (Ingrid Bergman) paying drastic attention to the road, busy at the wheel of the car, while her husband Alex (George Sanders) nearly falls asleep, disassociated from the foreign land around him, and already complaining about… Continue reading Journey to Italy, reflections